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Ptcshare is a PTC launched in the first weeks of June 2019 and is a simplified version of Paidverts, a ptc / revshare online and paying since 2014. Formally Ptcshare is a PTC, so you’ll have to click paid links to earn, but technically has a operation very similar to a RevShare (you get 118% on your purchase). The project is highly sponsored online as it can benefit from the popularity of its sister site, Paidverts.

Ptcshare has a system very similar to Paidverts, so the remuneration depends on the amount of BAP you have in the budget. BAPs are points that allow you to receive advertising to click. Each BAP is worth $ 0.0005 and every time you receive an ad to click, the equivalent of BAP will be deducted from your balance. If your BAP budget is 0, you will not receive any links to click.

To get BAPs there are several methods:

  • 8 daily links of 5 BAPs each;
  • a daily BAP bonus based on your loyalty;
  • purchase of advertising;
  • play your BAPs in virtual games offered by the site




The amount of your earnings on Ptcshare depends on the number of BAPs in the budget. If you have 10,000 BAPs, you may also receive a single $5 link. In fact the links to click on Ptcshare can be very high, even for links of just 5 seconds. The advertisements you will receive depend on three factors:

  • the number of your BAPs
  • the level corresponding to your BAPs (the more you have, the higher your earning level)
  • the amount of advertisers (if there are large buyers you will receive lots of advertisements)




In addition to the free activities on the site, to increase your BAP and consequently the gain you can buy advertising on the site, which is the fastest method. Advertising is sold for $ 1 packages that contain:

  • 25 banner impressions (728 * 90 or 460 * 68)
  • 100 banner impressions (125×125)
  • 50 ptc credit
  • 2360 Bonus Points (BAP)

The BAPs obtained have a value of $ 1.18, so you can earn $ 1.18 by clicking advertising for every $ 1 of advertising purchased.


To buy advertising you can use both payment processors (PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solidtrustpay, Payeer) and your earnings balance. So you can increase your possibilities exponentially. A very interesting system that has been working fine with Paidverts for years. There is no fixed daily return, as the links to click depend exclusively on the amount of advertising being promoted in the system.

Create campaign: name and description
Add the banner banner. Opt out if you don’t have
Number of AdPacks you want to buy
Select the number of ad packs you want to buy


Whenever you receive a link to click, the equivalent of BAP is deducted from your balanc. The links are available for a maximum time of 18 hours, after which, if you don’t click on them, they expire and are recycled and sent to another user. The scaled BAPs are not reimbursed if you let the links expire, so it is extremely important to maintain a daily activity. To incentivize the activity Ptcshare rewards active members with a loyalty system that allows you to accumulate APS points and receive advertising with the highest value (thus greater revenue with less clicks).

The affiliate program provides a 3% gain for clicks and 7% for advertising purchases. The payout can be made once you reach $ 1 and normally (according to our experience with Paidverts) it’ll arrive within 24 hours.

In conclusion, a good program that can lead to good results with minimal or even risk-free.

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