eBesucher (autosurf): earn while you sleep | Full review

eBesucher is an autosurf online and paying for several years. If you are looking for a worthless effort you’ve come to the right place: eBesucher allow you to earn money without spending hours on the computer, even while you sleep. This project is an autosurf, a program which rotates website in a completely automatic system. The only thing you have to do is: activate it, then does it works for hours and hours and hours.



1. HOW IT WORKS: As just mentioned above, eBesucher is an autosurf, the only one we know for now that is paying. German owner, eBesucher allows you to auto-run sponsored websites and as well click manually in a unique click email exchange feature. Initially, the site and the bar were very Spartan and unstable, but over time graphics, usability and removal of malicious sites from the rotation allowed greater stability in earnings. 

Once you sign up you can just log in and click on MEMBER AREA: There you will find two menus: TRAFFIC EXCHANGE and MAIL EXCHANGE.

One important thing to do is put the right settings.
Follow the menu: User Data >> Personal Interests: select all relevant interests; 
Then go to: Mail exchange> settings. Here you’ll just have to select the language of the email (obviously selected all available languages) and if you want to receive emails of sites with pornographic material or not.


The use of the rotation bar and the vision of the emails they accumulate points. Points are convertible according to a predefined value.
The current value is:

  • 100,000 BTP= € 2,100 for the autosurf
  • 100,000 MTP = € 84,010 for the email exchange

Alternatively,credits can be used to put your site in rotation (very useful if you want to increase views of your videos on YouTube or other platforms), or to send your custom email and promote your business or referral links.
The minimum required for the payment is 2 EUR and payment usually arrives in 48 hours PayPal. The site is paying 100%.


eBesucher has an “affiliate program on two levels” paid 8% and 5%. Then you will gain not only from your referrals, but also from referrals of your referrals.

In conclusion a great site, not stratospheric gains if you have not affiliated, but considering that you will have to do absolutely nothing and you can keep it on while you do other (even while you sleep) is really good resource

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