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Feyorra.top is a faucet, ptc and offers site with which you can earn the Feyorra (FEY) token. The site is stable and paying and payments are made instantly on FaucetPay. Fast and easy to use, Feyorra.top is the best site to earn FEY for free (you can also withdraw Doge, Ltc or Tron).




Feyorra (FEY) is a utility token linked to the FaucetPay project. At the time of writing the FEY token has a price of $0.007. The token can be mined through the games offered by FaucetPay and the Pasino casino. The token is easily exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies on FaucetPay Exchange. 




FaucetPay also gives you the possibility to stake your FEY for a limited period of time. Stake your FEY gives you the opportunity to receive an yearly interest up to 60%.



The possibility of receiving a good income from staking and the ease of trading in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, makes FEY a very attractive token for all those who actively use FaucetPay.




Feyorra.top is simple and free, does not require any investment and will allow you to increase your FEY number, which you can later exchange or stake. Earnings are counted in COINs which have a conversion rate of:

1 coin = 5 FEY satoshi


These are the main earning methods available on Feyorra.top:

FAUCET: you can make 1 claim every minute, getting 100,000 COINS.

PTC: you can click advertisements and earn from 50,000 to 150,000 COIN per click

SHORTLINK: these links allow you to earn a high number of COINs, over 1 million per click. In addition to the COINS, you’ll obtain ENERGY, which can be consumed using the AUTOFAUCET function, getting additional COINs.

AFFILIATE: Earn 30% commissions from people registered under you.




There is no minimum withdrawable and you can collect the FEY immediately in a very simple way. Go to the DASHBOARD, enter the number of COIN you want to withdraw and your FaucetPay email, then press the WITHDRAW button. Your FEY will arrive instantly on your FaucetPay account. Alternatively, you can withdraw using Tron, Litecoin or Dogecoin.




Feyorra.top is an unpretentious project, it does not promise you stratospheric earnings but it allows you to make a constant and effortless profit. You will then be able to stake youe FEY and earn up to 60% annually through the pools offered by FaucetPay. With perseverance and commitment, in the long run, even this project can help you round up decently.




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