GraB.TC – New site to earn free Bitcoin | Review

GraB.TC is an online project launched in May 2020 that allows you to earn free Bitcoin in many ways. Nice graphic design, smart and without annoying pop-up, GraB.TC offers the most popular system to earn online and supports payments on FaucetPay


GraB.TC has all known earning systems, let’s see how to earn with it and which bonus it offers to get more. 

If you say Bitcoin, you must say also Faucet. Bitcoin earning site can’t exist without this popular feature. GraB.TC allows you to make one claim every 60 minutes and has 6 prize. There is also a level system that allow you to get up to 3.75x for claim: the more you claim, the more you’ll increase your level. The achievements system also allow you to make extra BTC. See the image below to discover faucet prize and levels/achieviements rewards: 



Ptc and ShortLink: earn extra Btc by clicking and visiting sites. Currently GraB.TC has a really generous number of links to click, you will find 20/30 links in the Ptc section and about 100 Shortlinks with a daily average of 500 satoshis. ShortLinks give you a higher reward, but they are annoying cause advertisments and popup.

If you love to complete offers and surveys visit the Offerwalls menu. This category hides a real treasure of satoshis clicking ads, watching videos, completing surveys, downloading apps and other types of offers.

ShortLink and Offerwalls also give you additional bonuses that you can claim from Achievements.

GraB.TC has an earning system for mining lovers that can mine Bitcoin throught their computer’s CPU. Leave the screen open and press start to start mining Bitcoin. You’ll earn one Bit for every 40,000 hashes

You will other bits to earn in Jobs. Most of the tasks are posts on forums or social networks.


GraB.TC has an affiliate program that allow you to make money that your referrals. GraB.TC pays you 12% of their faucet claim, 3% from offerwalls and 1% from shortlinks. Premium members earn more: up to 25%-12%-10%. 

Refer new people as fast as you can to win the monthly referrals contest and request additional achievements bonus.




You’ll able to request payout starting as low as 4,000 satoshis on FaucetPay and 20,000 satoshi on your wallet. We suggest you to request your money on FaucePay where you can manage many faucets payments. 

GraB.TC is a new, fresh project, recently launched online and with many incentives to promote itself. Website look nice and userfriendly. Taking advantage to be one of GraB.TC pioneers to have more chance to get referrals faster. 

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