scam or legit? #ScamAlert

If you are here maybe you’re looking about a business called GramFree. Someone invite you to join this program and promise you easy money and fast earnings? Here we’ll say you the truth about this earning program. What is GramFree? And: is it legit business or is it a scam?

GramFree project sponsor himself like a Telegram project. It is real? Well, Telegram since two years is working on the launch of its own cryptocurrency (Gram), but the project was abandoned in May 2020 after a long legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


You can take a look of Telegram’s Twitter account and you’ll not find anything about GramFree: this site is not a Telegram’s project! And you will earn nothing from it. 

They ask you to register with your Facebook or Google account (maybe they really love your personal data to try cheat you in future) and they promise a very high earning: 5 Gram for referral, some tasks to earn some extra Gram and the minimum payment at 500 Gram ($1000) through Bitcoin or Paypal. The truth is that nobody have got any payment and the payment proofs are fake to attract you to join.Stay away from this guys. 

The real Gram project was not a speculative token, who try to promote you something different is trying to scam you.  So, GramFree is totally scam project: you’ll not earn and cashout nothing, you’ll simply give your personal data to not recommendable persons. 

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