How to earn BFG Token for free

BFG is the native token of the Betfury platform. Although its all-time high was only 3 cents, the BFG token is a very valuable asset because it allows you to obtain numerous benefits, primarily those deriving from staking and farming with APY which can even exceed 100% annually.

The main use is internal on the Betfury account, on which it is possible to obtain daily cryptocurrency airdrops thanks to the possession of BFG. One million BFGs can generate a daily income of around $ 30 in Bitcoin, Etherum, Binance COin, Tron and Usdt.




BFGs can be purchased through the Biswap decentralized exchange, with which you can instantly purchase the token. Alternatively, you can get BFG for free by earning them either on the same Betfury platform or externally with faucets that provide payments in BFG.




Being an internal token, Betfury gives you the opportunity to start accumulating BFG for free, by taking advantage from the FREE BFG BOX which gives you up to 9 BFGs per day. It can take 0.125 BFG every twenty minutes and is a good starting point to start earning BFG.



Another way to get BFG is to mine it. To do this, just place bets on the various games offered by Betfury. In fact, the BFG token is mined through the bets made on the platform (for example you will mine 1 new BFG for every $ 2 of wagers).




Final Autoclaim is a very popular cryptocurrency earning site. The earning methods are all free and it is one of our favorite sites, as well as one of those with the most opportunities (read our review).

One of the things that makes us love Final Autoclaim even more is the ability to withdraw BFG. Take advantage of all the opportunities such as double faucets, ptc, offerwall, complete Theorem Reach’s surveys, watch videos from and and at the end of the month you can count on 500/1000 BFG more.

To withdraw simply copy the BFG deposit address from Betfury and use it to request cashout on Final Autoclaim.



EarnBitMoon is a small faucet which allow you to claim every 5 minutes that, to our great surprise, we discovered that it allows to withdraw BFG. The payout you will get here is less than Final Autoclaim, but any extra BFGs you get can turn into gold on Betfury, so it’s worth investing some time here too. Only downside is that direct cryptocurrency withdrawal requires a minimum of $ 7 (for lower withdrawals you will have to use FaucetPay), but if you are really active and in addition to completing faucet and ptc, you will carry out other activities such as offerwall and shortlinks it will not take long to reach the minimum. When you make the withdrawal request, select Crypto Wallet and then BFG Token.



These are currently the 3 methods we are aware of with which you can get BFG Token for free. We are constantly looking for new methods and hope to be able to add new sites to the list soon.



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