Sorare between fantasy football, cryptocurrencies and NFT: the game of the future? | Review

Sorare is a fantasy football game on a global scale that combines the passion for the world’s most loved fantasy football game and blockchain technology, to create a platform with unique characteristics. On Sorare you will have the opportunity to play and challenge users from all over the world, collect limited edition NFT cards with official license, participate in regional or global tournaments and win weekly prizes, buy and sell players’ cards making capital gains. A game and a business to keep an eye on in the year 2022.




Sorare has unique characteristics that can make it the fantasy football of the future. In addition to the competition and prizes for participating in tournaments, the possibility of collecting NFT cards and making capital gains makes it a game with incredible potential, capable of attracting both football game lovers and simple digital token collectors who want to monetize these assets.

The NFT cards have a central role within the platform and will be your pass for participation in tournaments. You can play and enter in the Sorare world for free. Just create a free account to get your first 10 CARDs that will allow you to participate in the weekly championships.


NTF cards are classified into:

  • COMMON: these are cards with an unlimited circulation and you will receive these cards as a gift upon registration. In addition, you will receive a new consolation CARD every time you participate in the weekly tournament dedicated to holders of common cards. This type of CARD cannot be offered for sale, but it can be used to win Limited Edition cards.


  • LIMITED EDITION: cards issued up to a limit of 1000 pieces per year. These cards can be put on sale and give the opportunity to participate in weekly tournaments in which it will be possible to win new valuable cards.


  • RARE: cards issued up to a limit of 100 pieces per year. Like the Limited Eds, they allow you to participate in championships dedicated to its owners to win new cards and cash prizes.


  • SUPER RARE: cards issued up to 10 pieces per year. They can be sold at auction and allow you to participate in championships with rich prizes.


  • UNIQUE: the unique cards are the most valuable. They can be sold at auction with prices that even exceed € 100,000 and allow you to access the richest competitions.


Sorare, unique NFT football card


All cards, with the exception of the UNIQUE CARDS, can be obtained as a prize by participating in tournaments. Alternatively, you can access the market for new cards issued or buy them from the user market. There are also packaged sales that will allow you to get 5 new cards, which you can later resell individually or use them to play in tournaments. To be able to buy the cards, first top up your Sorare account: you can do it using Fiat currency or Ethereum by connecting a wallet.


Sorare, how to charge account


To access the card market, visit the MARKET section and choose to buy the new cards issued by the game, a package of 5 cards or access the manager sales.



Sorare market, buy NFT card



There are at least two tournament sessions every week. A session generally lasts 4 days and includes all the games of the supported leagues that will be played on those days. There are over 130 licensed clubs and dozens of leagues including leagues and cups.

To register your team for tournaments go to PLAY and choose the game week to participate in.


sorare game week


Choose the competition to participate in based on the cards in your possession. For each game week you will be able to see the prize pools and the schedule of matches that interest your players.


sorare, how to join tournament


In our example we have chosen a COMMON CARD tournament. Enter a team by selecting 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 forward and 1 extra. Select the captain who will get 20% bonus on the score obtained. Each time you use a card it will gain experience and a bonus % increasing from game to game. The cards you do not use, put them in training by clicking on MIX >> TRAINING. By doing so, you will be able to increase the experience and bonuses even for players who do not participate directly in tournaments.


sorare create team


Based on your position on leaderboards at the end of the game week you will receive new cards or cash / ethereum prizes.



Sorare does not oblige you to make any purchases and it is possible to play and have fun even for free. Players who choose to invest and buy Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Uniche cards have access to the championship with much larger prize pools. However, even if you decide to play for free, you can always try to win LIMITED CARDS to be able to access the higher leagues. Let’s see the possible strategies.


As we said to start your adventure with Sorare you will not be forced to spend money. You can start playing and have fun for free too. But which strategy to use to earn money without investing? When you create your account on Sorare you will receive COMMON CARDS, with which you can participate in tournaments dedicated to this type of CARD. For participation only, you will get a new COMMON CARD that will allow you to expand your team becoming more competitive and having the opportunity to rank in the first three places of the competition: the first classified will in fact get a LIMITED EDITION CARD. To access the higher leagues you will need 5 of these cards, but this type of CARD can be put on sale. Sell ​​it and with your gain buy a package of 5 CARDs in the site market. You will now be able to participate in tournaments with cash prize pools.




If you want to start strong right away, you can choose to invest money in the game and buy Limited, Rare, Super Rare, Uniche cards and immediately participate in the most coveted leagues to win new valuable cards and cash prizes. You can choose to invest in single cards, packs of 5 cards or buy the players offered for sale by other managers. You can manage to find good deals by speculating on the price of the cards and obtaining capital gains. There is no single strategy for all managers: there are those who aim to build a competitive team to win tournaments, those who aim at buying youth CARDs to hope for a future resale or capital gain. Being a sort of Managerial Fantasy Football, it lends itself both to mere competition and to a more managerial and speculative approach.




We discovered Sorare several months ago. Initially we were quite perplexed, but over time and use we have learned to appreciate it, to discover its different possibilities and live it to the fullest. Today it is a game that we are passionate about, on which we bet and believe. The intuition of combining fantasy football, cryptocurrencies and the emerging NFT sector can turn into something explosive. The game is still in an emerging and experimental phase, but we are confident that in a couple of years it can really become an important reference point for online gaming and digital token collecting. If you want to test it, use our promo link and receive 1 limited edition card as a gift (you will receive the card after purchasing at least 5 new cards put up for auction)


sorare adv



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