StakeCube: stake Doge, Btc and Eth | Review

StakeCube is a wallet / exchange and crypto ecosystem that allows you to earn through the staking of cryptocurrencies. This silent project is one of the platforms that we appreciate the most in the crypto landscape. Online since 2018, StakeCube is one of the best staking solutions you can find online, especially for coins like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The platform offers a compound daily interest of 0.02%, equal to 7.57% annually. An excellent solution for making income from some cryptocurrencies on which it is difficult to find valid remuneration.




The simplicity of this project is truly exciting. All you need to do to start earning is to create a wallet of your favorite coin and deposit it in to StakeCube wallet. You will start earning interest immediately on a daily basis.

1) Click on the green button to open the list of available coins and select the coin for which you want to create your wallet.


stakecube add wallet


2) Now click on the arrow pointing down to get the address to which to deposit. The other icon, on the other hand, is for withdrawing.


Stakecube deposit


From the moment your deposit arrives at its destination you will not have to do anything more and every day StakeCube will credit the interest directly into your available balance. Interest is compounded, so you will see the daily interest gradually increase.




StakeCube has numerous other functions. In addition to being a wallet, StakeCube allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. It also offers services related to Mining and allows you to join shared Masternode pools. You can consult all the available functions by opening the drop-down menu as you see in the picture.


stakecube menu


With StakeCube you can rent Miners (MineCube) or join one of the many Masternode pools to have an additional income in addition to staking. Among the most famous shared Masternodes you will find Dashcoin. A service to test if you are not satisfied with the simple passive income of your wallet.



StakeCube also has an affiliate program that allows you to promote and earn 20% from the activity of your subscribers, whether they are trading on the platform, or whether they simply hold their funds to earn from cryptocurrency staking.




StakeCube is a program that has our full appreciation. A three years old online project that allows you to stake cryptocurrencies often excluded from staking, such as Dogecoin (no platform offers 7.57% on Doge staking and currently StakeCube is the most profitable platform in this sense). In addition to earning from the sums deposited and “dormant” on the SC wallet, you will be able to trade, send and receive payments, participate in shared Masternode pools and rent miners. Withdrawals are automatic and instant. A site that, although it is not talked about, has all the credentials and is one of the most stable and best projects in the crypto field that are out there.


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