CrystalClearFund: scam or legit? | Review

CrystalClearFund is an advertising company offering advertising products and a profit sharing program. CCF has an active portfolio of third party programs and operates in the trading field. Through the Revenue Sharing Pool program, the platform allows users to participate in the activity and receive a share of the profit generated.




CrystalClearFund has been an online project for several months and enjoys a fair amount of confidence in the field of online earning. The platform allows you to earn by participating in the activities, through the purchase of advertising shares (AdShare) or for free by clicking ads. CCF seems to operate transparently, at least as regards the activity it carries out. In fact, it is possible to view the entire portfolio of external activities in which CCF has invested. Weekly the program will share operational results, which can be viewed in PERFORMANCE.

It is possible to participate in the profits generated by the activities in the portfolio and from the direct advertising sale, through the purchase of one or more AdShares. AdShare is a $20 worth advertising packages that entitle you to get profit sharing. According to the site, the company distributes 90% of the profits generated by the portfolio and 50% of the advertising sales on the site. The number of AdShare available may vary according to the liquidity request and normally their number is limited. Each AdShare guarantees a profit of 125%, but there is no payback time and no fixed return, as the company only shares the profits generated. The AdShare will automatically expire upon reaching 125% profit.


CrystalClearFund profit sharing system


Navigation is very simple and you can to buy AdShare just click on the horizontal menu under ADSHARES. The accepted payment systems are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Payeer and PerfectMoney. Simply enter the AdShare number to purchase and select the payment method.

Each AdShare includes 200 advertising credits to advertise your business within the platform.


CrystalClearFund purchase adshares



In addition to the profit sharing program which is the most attractive part of CrystalClearFund, the project has other features, whether you are looking for referrals for other programs, or if you want to earn for free. Since CCF is a company that works mainly in the advertising field, it is possible to buy packages to advertise on the site. Keep in mind that since CCF is a program that attracts investors, advertising will be all the more effective, the closer it gets to that type of target. So if you are looking for referrals, take a look at the SPECIAL BUNDLE package. This package, which costs just $ 7.99, offers a decent amount of advertising credits to advertise 3 banner formats and have direct traffic. It is also possible to purchase Login Ads. This advertisement lasts 24 hours and will be seen by all users who log in.


CrystalClearFund advertising package


The advertising sold on CrystalClearFund is displayed on the site in the form of paid links. For those who want to study the platform before giving complete confidence to this project, there is the possibility of earn for free by clicking on advertising links and earn $0.0025 per click.

Every day users will have the opportunity to participate in a free lottery. Each user has the option to claim a free ticket (those who purchased the $30 lifetime membership and became a Club Member will get two). The lottery is giving away 10,000 credits to advertise banner ads and the winner is drawn after 200 tickets have been claimed.




CrystalClearFund has an affiliate program that allows you to get a commission on direct purchases but also on purchases made using the earnings. Commissions vary depending on whether you are a FREE or a Club Member. You can become a Club Member through a lifetime subscription of $30. In addition to receiving higher commissions, Club Members can enjoy lower withdrawal fees and access reserved parts of the site. Withdrawals are possible as low as $ 10.


CrystalClearFund Membership



CrystalClearFund is a site that currently enjoys a good reputation. The same manager recently launched a dedicated TRON staking program called CrystalStaking. Although the site is transparent and with all the good intentions of doing well, we warn that like any online business, investing in this project comes with some risk. If you wish to try this program, always make sure you only spend the money you can afford to lose. Selling advertising allows the site to generate internal income and this is a positive factor. The transparency of the portfolio and the fact that the site only shares the real profits is also very good. The site is online and paying since April 2020.




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