ZoanCash: scam or legit? | Review (SCAM)

If you have landed on this review it is because you are looking for information on how to make money online. We are all always on the hunt for new opportunities and every day we receive dozens of new proposals. There are so many good projects online, but also so many scams to stay away from.

Today, let’s talk about ZoanCash, a site that promises to make you $ 300 a day. But will it be true or is it the usual scam? Without too many words we can already tell you that it’s all too good to be true and ZoanCash (and its NextCash clone) is an Epic Scam.




Zoancash on its pages writes that it is the number 1 influencers network, which will allow you to monetize your friends and followers. The business has been running since 2008 (fake) and will allow you to make $10 for every person you refer. In the “fake” account we’ve created with our investigative email, Zoancash welcome us to our dashboard with a telling us that we will earn also $2 for each person who clicks our link. There are programs that pay you to promote links, but the profit per thousand visits is about $0.40 (if you are interested in this way of earning, read the review of Rotate4all. In the article you will find another link with the best sites that have a cost per thousand visits less than $ 0.40 with which you’ll able to send traffic with profit). 



Although the site claims to be the number 1 network of influencers, there is no evidence or mention of partners. Obviously because it’s all false and everything serves to attract people and maybe collect their sensitive data. ZoanCash would even pay you a $ 10 bonus if you write a simple tweet or $50 for a youtube video.

No evidence of partners on the site. The only page where there are some paid action is the taskwall, where for $30 a share they ask you to sign up for sweepstakes (which will be the primary vehicle for collecting your personal data and subsequent phone spam and scam attempts you will receive)


zoancash offerwall


Now let’s take a closer look at some signs that confirm that the site is totally a scam.



ZoanCash says it was founded in 2008, but doing a simple search we’ve discovered that the ZoanCash domain was crearred on March 5, 2020. Obviously all this is to win the trust of the visitor, who will be more willing to believe a business that is operational for many years. The site therefore not only offers an unrealistic profit, but also presents false information to convince you. Even on the site they write that in 2010 Forbes defined ZoanCash as the most important Influencers Earning Network. Obviously no links and photos that provide proof of this important recognition.


zoancash fondation



It’s almost funny that a site that sells itself as the number one influencer network doesn’t even have an active social channel. Try to go to the bottom of the page, where there are contact information and buttons for connecting to social channels. No button is connected to a company page, but the connection links are to the home of the various social networks. Fortunately, there is an email to which you can write to speak with the staff. We tried to write and the email comes back to us as the address is non-existent.


zoancash fake contact email


Even the proofs of payment on the site are all false. How do we know this? Do you remember the creation date of zoancash.com website? It was March 5, 2020, but the proof of payments are all prior to that date: how did users got paid from the site if the site did not exist yet?




If all the evidence provided so far are not enough, then you need to take a look at the next photo. All informations provided by the ZoanCash site are shamelessly false. The same testimonials are also featured on the NextCash site, which is the identical ZoanCash clone. Same testimonials, same graphics, but also same story, same number of users and payments made. Check for yourself: ZoanCash, NextCash.


zoancash and its clone nextcash
zoancash and nextcash home page


So ZoanCash, as we said at the beginning, is a 100% scam site. If you are looking for earning opportunities, remember that you are unlikely to find something that makes you $300 a day with little effort. Always be wary of those who propose too easy earnings. When something is too good to be true, it simply isn’t true.


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