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Perhaps someone has not yet done a reason for it, but FaucetHub unfortunately no longer works (we talked about this here). Many faucets were connected to the famous microwallet and now many have been orphaned. FaucetHub was a very convenient service, which allowed to aggregate into a single platform many micropayments of different cryptocurrencies. But, as you know by now, the administrator has decided to close FaucetHub. But what are the alternatives to FaucetHub? The feeling is that there was a great movement to create a last minute alternative, everyone threw themselves into the great void left by FaucetHub, even creating their own microwallets.


Expresscrypto seems to us the only truly complete project at the moment, the only one able to remember FaucetHub. Lots of crypto available,  thousands of active faucets, plus other methods like gaming, paid to click offers and services. EC also allows you to exchange and sell your own cryptocurrencies from one currency to another (limit of $ 20 per day). ExpressCrypto has already been adopted by the famous ad network and by many top sites in the industry  (such as Donkeymails and MyFreeShares). If you are looking for an alternative to FaucetHub, ExpressCrypto is probably the first choice now. Click here to register now



Kswallet is another microwallet that offers numerous cryptocurrencies and has a fairly dignified list of linked faucets. In addition to partner faucets, Kswallet has its own internal faucet. Although it can still be convenient and useful for micro-payments, at moment it not offer other features. Click here to register now



WalCrypt is a real bet, an attempt to collect the FaucetHub legacy. The intent to create something inspired by FaucetHub is declared on the site and the creators present themselves as true fans of the old microwallet. Will they succeed in the business? Walcrypt is currently a bet and is in the pre-launch phase, therefore still not full active. The creator is the same owner as Litecoinads, paying ptc / revshare in Litecoin (review). We wait the official launch to discover Walcrypt’s offer, a beautiful hope to be built. We will give precise information as soon as it is in operation.


FaucetPay is another microwallet that has a list of faucets, displaying the total paid, active user, rating and wellness level of the faucet. Graphically it looks a bit poor and not only in that: unfortunately FaucetPay currently only supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin, but only for Bitcoin there is an good list of faucets. For the rest, the offer is still limited. The wallet has no affiliation program and does not offer other types of services, so at the moment it is far from the goal. Click here to register now.

Graphically better than FaucetPay, was presented via email by ptc Very new project and also for this reason, still very bare. supports 5 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, Ethereum and BitcoinCash), but currently it only support a few project. As for FaucetPay there are no other features and there is no affiliate program. Click here to register now

So who will replace FaucetHub? We find that ExpressCrypto currently has the advantage over all the others, it offers numerous services, lots of cryptocurrencies, more than 1000 connected faucets and internal profit methods. So if you’re looking for something that won’t make you regret FaucetHub, at the moment ExpressCrypto is the only one that looks the most like it. There is great expectation for WalCrypt, which is a project to be built, if done right it could even compete with ExpressCrypto. Good opportunities for growth are there for Kswallet if they will add some new feature. If it succeeds in renewing itself and also adding other functions, such as offers, surveys and games, it can also be taken into consideration. The other two projects, FaucetPay and, are far away to be a real alternative. Their quotation is really low and they offer really little.

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