Scarlet-clicks: 10 years old Ptc | Review and Strategy

Scarlet-clicks is one of the oldest PTC, online and paying since 2009.. The project was launched in 2009 and has paid over 2 million dollars since then and can count almost one million subscribers. Really a nice goal.



How to make money with Scarlet-clicks

Scarlet-clicks is a very simple to use and pay you to manual click advertisement. Given its long history, Scarlet-clicks can count on a good number of advertisers and this makes it a very strong PTC. Earnings for standard members is small, but you can create a small monthly income with the right strategy. Unlimited direct referrals and the possibility of rent referrals for 30 days will allow you to have a fixed monthly income.

Here how you can earn money with Scarlet-clicks:

PTC: the classic paid to click. You can earn up to $ 0.02 for click. Each click give you also a point, which you can convert into dollars.

Affiliation: you can invite people to join the program and earn a percentage from their activity. The gain varies from 40% to 100%. You can also rent referrals from the site and get a monthly income. (go to Rented Referral Strategy)

Offerwall: additional services to earn from offers, surveys and extra clicks. The available providers are: Ptcwall, Offer4all, Wannads, MediumPath.

ScarletGrid: every day you will have 30 chances to win up to $ 1 instantly in the Grid game. Click a grid box, wait for the end of the timer and find out if you’ve won.

PTSU: Paid To Sign Up, are offers from other users that give you a prize ($0.10/0.50) to subscribe to other sites. Read the approval requirements  before signing up. Too many false subscriptions risk causing you to lose your account.

Rented Referral Strategy

Rented Referral Strategy is a famous strategy used on PTCs with rented referrals. The cost of referrals on Scarlet-Clicks is $ 0.15 monthly. In order to use the Rented Strategy we advise you must be at least a Monthly Gold user (cost $ 10).

As a Monthly Gold, in addition to six links from $ 0.01 you will have the opportunity to rent up to 500 referrals that will allow you to increase your earnings and make at least one payment for month.

Here’s how to start earning monthly with Rented Strategy:

  1. deposit $ 85 into your account;
  2. upgrade to Monthly Gold
  3. rent your first referrals package (take maximum package available)
  4. rent it again after 5 days
  5. continue until you have 500 referrals rented

Once all the referrals are rented you will need to manage them daily:

  • activates the autopay from the Rented Referral page
  • move $ 2.50 daily from account balance to puchase balance (you will need to cover the cost of autopay)
  • when a referral has not clicked for more than 7 days, recycle it for $ 0.04
  • when one day is left until the referral expires, renew the rent for 30 days (you can renew for more than 30 days and receive a huge discount)
  • at the end of the monthrenews the Monthly Gold using your earnings.
  • Cashout the extra money.

Do you want to earn more? Try the Yearly Gold. The annual gold costs $ 100 (savings $20) and will allow you to rent up to 2000 referrals and  recycling inactive referrals for $ 0.03.


Payments are normally made within 7 days. The accepted processors are AirTM, Skrill, Payeer, SolidTrustpay, Neteller and several cryptocurrencies.

A stable and secure site, active for 10 years now and which is a safe place for those who love working with PTC sites. If you like Scarlet-Clicks and want to increase your chances with the Rented Strategy, try also Gptplanet and OptimalBux, managed by the same owner.

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