Moremoney – earn Bitcoin with Faucet, ptc and shortlink | SCAM


!!! ATTENTION: this faucet website stopped payment, it’s a SCAM NOW! Don’t join it !!!

Moremoney is an site online since 2019 that allows you to earn Bitcoin online for free. On Moremoney you will find different earning systems, including Faucet, Ptc, Shortlink, offers and surveys, as well as different types of prizes and bonuses. The platform allows you to withdraw on FaucetPay as low as 8,000 satoshi.


On Moremoney there are several ways to make money. The easiest and least demanding way is the Faucet. Visit the site every hour for a few seconds to request your free Bitcoins. Press the roll botton and win up to BTC 0.05. Stay constantly active in this section: the more claims you make, the more your level up and your earnings grow. Reach level ten and gain 4x more every time you use the faucet.


moremoney faucet

The faucet is not the only earning system on Moremoney. Here are other ways you can earn:

  • PTC: every day an average of 15/20 links to click to earn up to 12 satoshi per click.
  • ShortLink: about 40 links to visit to get around 400/500 satoshi per day. Shortlinks are similar to PTC links, but take longer and it need more interaction to complete.
  • Jobs: take a few minutes to complete these small actions such as making a post on facebook, posting a post on a forum, etc., to receive extra income.
  • Offerwall: if you like to complete offers and surveys, in this section you will find numerous partners with which to quickly increase your profit. Furthermore, every month the best active users in this section get up to Btc 0.02 as activity bonus.
  • Investment Game: do you think the price of Bitcoin will rise in the next 5 minutes? Place your bet and get 1.35x if you win.


Moremoney rewards your hard work. Achievements are goals, a minimum activity required to get a bonus. If you have patience and perseverance, try to reach all the activity goals required for Faucet and Shortlink and get extra satoshi.

On Moremoney there are currently 3 Contest, two monthly and one weekly. Every month the site rewards the first 20 users who get the most points in the Offerwall section and the first 20 users that enroll the most numbers of new users. 

Instead, the most active users in the Shortlink section will be rewarded weekly.

moremoney contest



Invite your friends to join Moremoney and as a Basic user you can earn 15% from their earnings in the faucet and 3% from the Offerwall. If you have many active referrals, you can purchase a premium account to earn up to 25% from faucet, 15% from offerwall and 8% from shortlink.

You can withdraw your earnings both on FaucetPay and on your private wallet. On FaucetPay the minimum is 8,000 satoshis, while to withdraw on your private wallet you will have to reach 25,000 satoshis. Payments sent within 2 days.

If you are looking for a way to earn Bitcoin online, Moremoney is currently among the most popular and sponsored. A good way to invest some minutes for day to increase your Bitcoin wallet for free.


!!! ATTENTION: this faucet website stopped payment, it’s a SCAM NOW! Don’t join it !!!


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